Practical Information

Location of the Conference

The conference will take place in Puerto Varas city by lake Llanquihue, at the Hotel Cumbres.

Address: Imperial 0561, Puerto Varas – Chile

Phone: +56 - 65 - 2222140 / +56 - 65 - 2222000



Arriving to Chile

When you get to Chile, you will arrive at the international airport "Arturo Merino Benítez" in Santiago. There you have to aboard a flight to Puerto Montt at the domestic terminal. This terminal is located in the same building as the international one. In Puerto Montt you will arrive at the "El Tepual". The airport is about 30 Km of Puerto Varas and it is best to take a transfer bus to the hotel in Puerto Varas. The price is about $10.000 (Chilean pesos) per person.

Reciprocity tax

Citizens from countries which require visa for Chilean citizens (USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico) must pay a reciprocity tax before going through International Police. The counters are clearly signed. We recommend to carry cash (US dollars), though some credit cards are also accepted. The current amounts are:

Exchange Rate

Chile's official currency is the Peso ($). 1 US$ (dollar) is equivalent to $550 (Chilean pesos). This is just an approximation because the currency floats. Money can be exchanged at banks, exchange houses and the international airport in Santiago.

Please, get some Chilean currency at the international airport in Santiago because the local airport in Puerto Montt does not have an exchange house. You will need Chilean pesos for the transfer bus.