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26 October 2021: Mathematics PhDs from the UdeC reach 66
Two new graduates join the list of Latin Americans who have reached the highest academic degree in the discipline
20 May 2021: UdeC scientists anticipate possible scenarios modeling COVID data
To guide the adoption of better sanitary measures
29 April 2021: CI²MA researcher awarded ECOS-ANID funding
Three-year project includes financing for research stays
28 January 2021: Three CI²MA researchers awarded funds from Fondecyt Regular 2021
They are four year long projects


15 December 2020: Mathematicians from UdeC participate in an international project
In our country, this instance is led by the CI²MA researcher Manuel Solano
20 November 2020: Dr. Rodolfo Araya: “The question is how we impact daily life”
For celebration of the 20th anniversary of CMM, he analyzed the relationship between both centers
12 November 2020: Anahí Gajardo: “The scientific community is a global unit, not an individual one”
CI²MA researcher is part of an interdisciplinary project that seeks to bring science closer to the community
2 November 2020: CI²MA researchers assume direction of their respective Departments
Julio Aracena and Fernando Betancourt
23 October 2020: Subdirector of CI²MA obtains the Concepción City Hall Science Award
Dr. Raimund Bürger has an outstanding career at the UdeC
9 October 2020: CI²MA graduates received UdeC Doctoral Medals
Ceremony led by the Rector Carlos Saavedra
28 September 2020: Mathematical model developed at UdeC seeks to predict floods
Sedimentation study has wide applications
4 September 2020: Mathematicians from the UdeC contribute to preventing the spread of fires
With international cooperation, they address this address problem with high social impact
3 July 2020: CI²MA member received University Award
In the future, he pretends to continue Doctoral studies
10 June 2020: Engineering journals publish papers by UdeC mathematicians
They address mining and water treatment problems
3 June 2020: Former CI²MA student stands out for high scientific productivity
He got involved in research while still undergraduate
1 June 2020: Experts addressed the challenge of linking science and social problems
Director of CI²MA participated in an activity on the context of Cultural Heritage Day
26 May 2020: ICM thesis addresses time-dependent problems in curved domains
Research by Fernando Peña was directed by Manuel Solano
5 May 2020: Issue of a prestigious journal publishes three articles by members of CI²MA
Six researchers and three former students participate as co-authors
16 April 2020: UdeC mathematical model allows forecasting Covid-19 infections
Research will allow evaluating measures implemented by government
3 April 2020: New UdeC engineer presented thesis through a teleconference system
Gonzalo Benavides presented novel results in approximation theory
31 March 2020: Former CI²MA student works on biomedical applications at the PUC
Felipe Vargas collaborates with Manuel Sánchez, both former UdeC students
20 March 2020: New Director of CI²MA assumes
Rodolfo Araya highlights current prestige and productivity of the Center
16 March 2020: CI²MA researcher obtains first place in Fondecyt evaluation
Ricardo Oyarzúa obtained his PhD at the UdeC in 2010
10 March 2020: Construction of the Hermann Alder Weller Auditorium of CI²MA progresses
Named after one of the founders of the current DIM of the UdeC
9 March 2020: Former CI²MA student wins prestigious postdoctoral fellowship
Awarded by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)
6 March 2020: Important presence of CI²MA in a conference in Central America
Organized by CIMPA from the Universidad de Costa Rica, UCR
4 March 2020: Collaborators of CI²MA visited universities at Concepción
Costa Rican researchers obtained their Ph.D. degrees at Universidad de Concepción
31 January 2020: CI²MA graduates favor inter-institutional collaboration
UdeC doctors work on applications for virtual elements
27 January 2020: Scientists from France and Brazil visited CI²MA
They participate in the Fondecyt project led by Diego Paredes of the UdeC
15 January 2020: Academician from Canada made a stay at CI²MA
Sander Rhebergen collaborates with Ricardo Oyarzúa, Manuel Solano and Paulo Zúñiga
9 January 2020: CI²MA researchers were awarded Fondecyt grants
On numerical analysis of problems in elasticity and alternative energies
6 January 2020: PhD in Mathematical Engineering from UdeC overcame 60 graduates
On December five students obtained the highest academic degree
2 January 2020: Study by CI²MA researchers originates patent
It is a flocculation reactor that can be used in water reuse processes
2 January 2020: Indian student achieved research stay at CI²MA
Nitesh Verma visited UdeC to collaborate with Raimund Bürger and David Mora


19 December 2019: CI²MA researcher participates in a new research team project
Rodolfo Araya will apply mathematical modeling in geophysics phenomena
13 December 2019: CI²MA student made a research stay in the USA
Néstor Sánchez developed important advances in his thesis research
6 December 2019: MCI students succeed researching through a teaching experience
Director of CI²MA highlights the importance of getting involved early in it
29 November 2019: UdeC graduated two new PhDs in Mathematical Engineering
Both were guided by CI²MA researchers
26 November 2019: Successful collaboration of CI²MA with Swedish mathematician
Raimund Bürger has an extensive collaboration history with his colleague Stefan Diehl
25 November 2019: Spanish mathematician made a brief stay at CI²MA
Academician from U. of Seville has long collaborated with our Center
22 November 2019: CI²MA researchers actively participate in FLACAM 2019
Subdirector Raimund Bürger gave one of the plenary lectures
13 November 2019: Oxford University mathematician achieve a research stay at CI²MA
Ricardo Ruiz-Baier received a doctorate in 2008 and currently collaborates with academics UdeC, UBB and UCSC.
31 October 2019: CI²MA researchers perform a research stay in Trento, Italy
UBB and UCSC academicians study electromagnetism problems
28 October 2019: CI²MA developed successful spring school
Instance gathered students from various Latin American countries
24 October 2019: Seven new PhDs obtained their degrees at CI²MA last year
Last Friday they received their doctoral medals in UdeC official ceremony
23 October 2019: CI²MA researchers participate in congress in Argentina
SUMA 2019 brought together researchers and students from Southern Cone countries.
16 October 2019: CI²MA graduate obtains Fondecyt financing
Eligio Colmenares is working as an academician at U. del Bío-Bío.
14 October 2019: CI²MA student conducts a successful research stay in the US
UdeC PhD candidate collaborates with a GSU researcher
18 September 2019: CI²MA graduate awarded funds for insertion in the UCSC
Sergio Caucao is currently performing a postdoctoral stay at U. of Pittsburgh, USA
10 September 2019: CI²MA researchers plan to collaborate with german mathematician
Professor Matthias Hieber presented at an event organized by the center
3 September 2019: Thesis of Master in mathematics addresses applied model
To diverse problems in medicine and fossil fuel extraction
2 September 2019: CI²MA delegation attends important international congress in Valencia
Researchers from this UdeC center had an outstanding participation.
23 August 2019: CI²MA researcher gives talk at international conference
Leonardo Figueroa participated in OPFSA 2019 in Hagenberg im Mühlkreis, Austria
19 August 2019: CI²MA members participate in important national congress
COMCA 2019 was held in La Serena, co-organized by the northern universities
19 August 2019: CI²MA PhD graduate will apply Mathematics in Forest Sciences
To predict scenarios in topics of interest in that research area
29 July 2019: CI²MA researcher visited prestigious american university
Manuel Solano collaborates with researchers at MIT
18 July 2019: CI²MA researchers in workshop on Biomathematics in Morocco
They participated as speakers in the conference WIMCB
7 July 2019: Researcher and student of CI²MA participate in international congress
Work presented by Yolanda Vásquez was recognized as one of the best posters
28 June 2019: CI²MA researchers visited China invited by the UST Beijing
Dr. Raimund Bürger and Dr. Fernando Betancourt strengthened ties with the institution
15 May 2019: Collaboration with the Mathematical Institute of Oxford continues
Through the co-direction of theses with Ricardo Ruiz-Baier, graduated from our doctorate
15 May 2019: Outstanding participation of CI²MA in 32th version of Mathematics Meeting
Held at the end of April in Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas
22 March 2019: CI²MA continues strengthening international mobility of MCE students
In the Department of Mathematics of Simon Fraser University, Canada
11 February 2019: Five CI²MA students obtained Conicyt Scholarships
To continue their PhD studies in Mathematical Engineering
17 January 2019: CI²MA strengthens ties with research center in India
Visit of Raimund Bürger to the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST)
10 January 2019: Paper of CI²MA researchers among the most cited ones in IMANUM
Work originated from the undergraduate thesis of Ernesto Cáceres
2 January 2019: UdeC will be international host for the Numerical Analysis of PDEs
During January 21 - 25, 2019, the sixth version of WONAPDE will take place


17 December 2018: Mixed finite elements inspires two new undergraduate theses
Felipe Sandoval and Cristian Inzunza, both guided by CI²MA researcher
5 October 2018: CI²MA and Doctorate strengthen scientific ties with Panama
Sub-Director of CI²MA visits again the Technological University of Panama
2 October 2018: Cinthya Rivas, sixth woman graduated from our Ph.D. Program
Her thesis contributed new methods for the optimal design of solar cells
17 September 2018: Ex-doctorate from CI²MA will carry out postdoc en USA
Sergio Caucao won fellowship from the Becas Chile program
16 September 2018: CI²MA researcher distinguished for her research productivity
Jessika Camaño was recognized by the Faculty of Engineering of the UCSC
6 August 2018: Professor Raimund Bürger delivers invited lecture at ICM2018
ICM, the most important worldwide event in Mathematics
1 July 2018: Outstanding presence of CI²MA in HYP2018 congress
Held during June 25 - 29 in Penn State University, USA
30 June 2018: CI²MA researchers and collaborators gathered at INRIA-Bordeaux
To work on models in cardiology and epidemiology
30 April 2018: Doctorate in Mathematical Engineering accredited for seven years
Decision of the CNA allows students of the program to apply for Conicyt scholarships
20 April 2018: CI²MA promotes international stays of undergraduate students
Alejandra Barrios, student of Manuel Solano, is currently visiting Brown U. (USA)
16 April 2018: CI²MA financing was renewed for one more period
The joint basal project with the CMM was extended for three more years
13 April 2018: UdeC researcher gave talks at University of Costa Rica
Professor Raimund Bürger talked about the work of the CI²MA and the PhD program
10 April 2018: UdeC Mathematical Engineers will pursue PhD studies in Canada
This chance was posible thanks to a 2017 successful internship experience
9 April 2018: CI²MA researchers participate in an international Europe-based project
Mathematicians collaborate with their peers from prestigious French INRIA
9 April 2018: Director of CI²MA strengthened ties of UdeC in Costa Rica
The academician took part in a congress and performed two research visits
2 April 2018: Thesis developed at CI²MA was recognized among the best
The work carried out by Eligio Colmenares was distinguished by the UdeC Graduate School
12 March 2018: UdeC PhD student conducts research stay in Canada
CI²MA doctoral student expands his knowledge with a leading researcher in the field
8 January 2018: Two new PhDs in Mathematical Engineering graduated from UdeC
Both developed their theses under direction of CI²MA researchers


31 December 2017: Seven CI²MA researchers have been awarded Fondecyt financing
All the receivers in the area of Numerical Analysis of PDEs
29 December 2017: Outstanding expert in mathematical epidemiology will visit UdeC
Gerardo Chowell has been collaborating with CI²MA researchers since 2012
26 December 2017: Project of CI²MA young member obtains Corfo funds
With a venture based on the results of his scientific research activity.
7 December 2017: Members of CI²MA were honored at the UBB and the PUC
Ricardo Oyarzua and Nicolas Barnafi recognized in research and postgraduate studies
28 November 2017: PhD student from CI²MA carried out outreach activities in Chiguayante
Talks given in the context of his Conicyt scholarship retribution
17 November 2017: Colombian Ph.D. student spent three months at CI²MA
Liliana Camargo collaborates with Professor Manuel Solano in numerical methods for PDEs
3 November 2017: Spanish researcher is in three-year-long research stay at CI²MA
David Zorío is a collaborator of Professor Raimund Bürger
31 October 2017: CI²MA researcher co-directed thesis of Master from UC
Interdisciplinary study addressed a problem in Medicine area
23 October 2017: Former CI²MA students received doctoral medals
Most of them specialized in Numerical Analysis of PDEs.
18 October 2017: CI²MA researchers opined on the current state of chilean science
They emphasize that the key is in correct allocation of funds
13 October 2017: CI²MA graduates stand out by their high scientific productivity
New issue of a leading journal concentrates articles of former Ph.D. students
3 October 2017: Interdisciplinary seminar boosted collaboration with the industrial sector
Leading researchers from different countries gave talks in the workshop
11 September 2017: CI²MA researcher distinguished for her teaching work
Jessika Camaño was recognized by her undergraduate students in the UCSC
30 August 2017: Mixed finite elements was the subject of successful thesis done in CI²MA
Javier Almonacid obtained the title of Mathematical Civil Engineer UdeC
24 August 2017: CI²MA researcher obtains Research Excelence Award
Ricardo Oyarzúa was distinguished by UBB in Young Researcher category
21 August 2017: CI²MA members participated in the Access Chile-Sweden network meeting
UdeC researchers have a long history of collaboration with Swedish colleagues.
19 August 2017: Members of CI²MA stood out in XXVI COMCA
Massive participation of mathematicians from this UdeC research center
10 August 2017: Former doctoral candidate at CI²MA will be postdoctoral fellow at the UBB
Carlos García will be one year in the state university collaborating with Ricardo Oyarzúa
30 July 2017: CI²MA researcher visited universities in USA
Manuel Solano visited University of Minnesota and University of Delaware.
23 July 2017: Former CI²MA postdoc is hired in prestigious Center in India
Recently, Sudarshan Kumar K. started working in IIT Guwahati.
14 July 2017: Mathematicians presented studies about hyperbolic problems
CI²MA event brought together Chilean and foreign researchers and students
10 July 2017: Viscosity matrices inspired new UdeC doctoral thesis.
Lihki Rubio attained doctorate after successfully defending his research thesis.
8 July 2017: Outstanding Mathematicians participated in international conference
Organized by researchers from PUC and CI²MA-UdeC
7 July 2017: CI²MA Research Assistant will pursue PhD studies in Sweden
Julio Careaga has already performed several research stays at University of Lund
15 June 2017: Another mathematical engineer trained at CI²MA obtains the doctoral degree
Carlos García studied evolutive models of certain physical phenomena.
7 June 2017: Academic from the Universidad de Chile presented in CI²MA Seminar
José Correa is a researcher at the Industrial Engineering Departament.
30 May 2017: CI²MA students were interviewed in TVU show
About their recent research stays at SFU, Canada
29 May 2017: Doctoral thesis students of CI²MA conducted research stays
Their Conicyt Ph.D. Scholarships funded these stays in Spain and Mexico
18 May 2017: CI²MA Director was awarded Atenea Prize 2016
After 10 years without distinguished scientific works.
12 May 2017: Mathematical engineering students from UdeC visited Canada
Thanks to international contacts of CI²MA, it is the second time this experience happens
3 May 2017: CI²MA researchers participated prominently in mathematics meeting
The 30th version of the Jornada de Matemática de la Zona Sur was held at the UCSC.
2 May 2017: Undergraduate students shared their international research experience
Three ICM-UdeC students did a two-month research stay.
17 April 2017: European mathematician did a research stay at Concepción
Andrea Cangiani collaborates with researchers and students from CI²MA
20 March 2017: CI²MA students obtained Conicyt funding
Adrián Carrillo, Bryan Gómez and Víctor Osores will finance their Ph.D. studies this way.
13 February 2017: CI²MA researchers were awarded funding from Fondecyt Regular
Raimund Bürger and Luis Mauricio Castro postulated projects in the contest.
26 January 2017: Spanish academician gave summer course at CI²MA
On notions of high performance in PDEs to undergraduate and postgraduate students
24 January 2017: CI²MA researcher joins editorial board of journal indexed in WoS
Raimund Bürger performs this duty for a period of three years
20 January 2017: Statistic and computational methods in various applications
Multidisciplinary seminar organized by the CI²MA center
11 January 2017: CI²MA member carries out research stay in Sweden
During his trip, Julio Careaga also visited the U. of Oxford in England.
5 January 2017: CI²MA researcher gave talks in Taiwan and Spain
Luis M. Castro made stays and presented his most recent results.


23 December 2016: UdeC exceeds 40 PhDs in Mathematical Engineering
The program has a recognized prestige at national and international level.
13 December 2016: CI²MA collaborator achieves prestigious recognition
Paola Goatin, from INRIA, was honored at the Femme in Or 2016 awards.
1 December 2016: German mathematician held a research stay at the UdeC
Scientist collaborates permanently with the sub-director of CI²MA, Raimund Bürger.
22 November 2016: CI²MA member exposed in congress of Swedish mathematicians
Julio Careaga is visiting the University of Lund in Sweden collaborating with Professor Stefan Diehl.
11 November 2016: UdeC undergraduate students to stay in Canada
The CI²MA managed this experience for students of Mathematical Civil Engineering.
9 November 2016: Indian postdoc closed stay with talk at the UBB
During one year, the researcher made a research visit in Chile
7 November 2016: Mathematical UdeC are in top 20 of national scientific production
Researchers have completed about 170 publications since 2008 to date.
2 November 2016: Young members of CI²MA presented in seminar on water resources
Graduate students and researchers from CI²MA participated in the CRHIAM congress
30 June 2016: CI²MA participates in England meeting on Applied Mathematics
Researcher of our Center organized a Mafelap 2016 minisimposium.
10 February 2016: CI²MA study optimizes sewage treatment processes
Young engineer conducted research with great applicability in health processes